Motor Vehicle License

The Motor Vehicle Licence in Mauritius known as “declaration” is actually referred as road tax. There are three option of payment 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. The amount of road tax payable depends on the engine capacity of your vehicle. 

Please click on the following link to have details on the Motor Vehicle Taxation.

Step 1: Click on Pay your MVL

Pay your Motor Vehicle Licence easily, quickly and securely using your credit card.

Step 2: Read the instructions

Ensure you have a valid Fitness Certificate, a valid Insurance Certificate and a valid Bank Credit card.

Steps 3: Enter Registration Number and Chassis Number

Enter the vehicle registration mark, chassis number and check ‘I am not a robot’. Then click on the search button to retrieve the required details. The system will display the VEHICLE and FITNESS details.

 Steps 4: Enter your Insurance details

Select the insurance company, the policy number, start and end date of your insurance. These details are provided on your Insurance Certificate issued by your Insurance Company.

Steps 5: Enter your Renewal Period

Select the renewal period for which you want to pay. It is can either 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. Then click on the “Calculate Dates and MVL Amount”. The system will automatically calculate the amount you have to pay and also the fine (if any). It will also generate the MVL start and end dates.

Steps 6: Enter Credit card details

To proceed to payment, you will have to input your credit card details. The system will use a secure payment gateway platform to process your payment.

Steps 7: Get your MVL online.

Once your payment has been made, you can download it by clicking on the button download. You can also download it anytime by viewing the payments done on the “My Transactions” menu.

You can pay the motor vehicle licence for your vehicle at the NTA Head Office in Cassis. Payment for private vehicles (without any other licence attached) may also be effected at:

  1. the NTA Vehicle Examination Centre (VEC) in Forest Side;
  2. District Cash Offices in Rose Hill, Mapou, Curepipe, Centre de Flacq, Mahebourg, Souillac, Bambous and Pamplemousses and Moka;
  3. Post Offices.

Late payments and payments after a period of non-renewal are accepted only at the NTA Head Office and the Forest Side VEC.

Payments for vehicles having another licence attached, i.e. taxi, contract cars, contract buses and goods vehicles are accepted only at the NTA Head Office.

For securing a motor vehicle licence, you have to produce the following documents:

  • The registration book of the vehicle.
  • A valid insurance certificate.
  • A test certificate (fitness) if the vehicle is a private car or motorcycle above 7 years.
  • A certificate of fitness if the vehicle is a public service vehicle or a goods vehicle.

Payments can be made for periods of 3 months, 6 months or one year.

Kindly note that you will have to contact NLTA on 2126513/ 2022800  and also you can forward your query on for further assistance.

Kindly note that you will have to contact NLTA on 2126513/ 2022800  and also you can forward your query on for further assistance.

  • If you do not renew your motor vehicle licence within 15 days of its expiry, you will have to pay a fine of 50% of the amount due upon renewal.

  • If you do not intend, for any reason whatsoever, to renew your motor vehicle licence, you should, before the date of expiry, notify the Road Transport Commissioner in writing by registered post of your intention not to do so. Make sure that your letter reaches the Commissioner on or before the date of expiry of your licence otherwise the 50% fine will be applicable.

  • If you are a new owner of an unlicensed vehicle and you do not intend to take out a motor vehicle licence, you should so notify the Commissioner within 7 days of becoming the owner of the vehicle in order to avoid payment of the 50% fine.
  • Call at the Police Station of your locality to get a memo from the police certifying that you have reported the loss of your motor vehicle licence disc.

  • Call at the NTA with your National Identity Card, the registration book of your vehicle and the memo from the police. In case of a company, a letter from the company should also be produced authorising you to collect the duplicate licence.

  • You will be issued a duplicate after you have paid the fee of Rs. 200.

 Yes. It should always be in your possession while driving.

  • By default, your browser blocks pop-ups from showing up on your screen. When a pop-up is blocked, the address bar will be marked Pop-up blocked. You must click on the pop-up blocked at the address bar and then click on “Always allow pop-ups” option. You must again click on the download button to generate your MVL certificate to be printed.

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